I was born in New York of Anglo/Irish parents. I moved to Greece at age 3 and then onto Rome at age 8 which was the start of my artistic journey. I had the privilege to study under Lidija Aleksandrovna Franketti, an Italo/Russian artist from 1963 to 1969, whose studio in Villa Strohl-Fern had been frequented by such names as Arturo Martini and Carlo Levi.  I learnt figure, portrait and still life drawing and painting from age 12 and  I then went to Kingston University for a 1 year’s course on Fine Art and then back to Rome, where while managing Loris Azzaro’s business, I frequented courses at L’Accademia  di Belle Arti. I later partnered an interior decorating business and then went on to open my own until I moved to Ireland in 1999. There I was able to pursue my art and to share my teachings with my students through the Young Artist Studio which I created in 2001. In 2012, while continuing to paint, I created Art It, a forward thinking studio, promoting art as entertainment

Artist Statement

Living in hot countries influenced me even from an early age. As a child, I was fascinated by people and painted big bright colourful portraits. Matisse was my early muse, and later in my teens, Modigliani’s long necked women were my envy. Later, I found my inspiration in Max Ernst, De Chirico, Tanzi and Bronzino. I realised that every style had its own charm and significance. Whether a Michelangelo, a Louis le Brocquy, a Hughie O’Donoghue or all those undiscovered artists, they all had a part to play in sharing creativity with an audience. I loved them all and I wanted to paint following their styles until I realised that what I wanted most, was for the viewer to be physically involved. How could I do that? I started to experiment the insertion of initials, lines and squares in my “talking” portraits, so as to deliberately create a thinking moment between the viewer and the painting. I then wanted to take a step further. I wanted to make the viewer feel he/she was in the painting, involved in that moment in time. Again, how could I do that?

Having studied Fine Art for years, I was slightly conditioned towards the classical approach, but who said I couldn’t develop and make use of all those styles I had so admired along my path? So I decided to use my knowledge of different art forms in my next pieces.

I am a child at heart and I like to paint with freeness and fun. Sometimes my work is an adventure, sometimes surreal, like theatre, a window is opened and you’re thrust into an altogether different dimension of motion, humour, colour, texture, conspiracy and emotion. My love and experience with fashion and interior decoration mirror themselves in my street paintings, where several layers of oils are juxtaposed with interesting angles and perspectives. The interiors and exteriors of buildings become entwined, the mannequins in the windows seem to be strolling with the bystanders, and the balloons and hats could be the faces of shoppers, couples, friends and children. I scratch, pour, put on and take off paint, juxtapose, drip and layer until I finally arrive at that defining moment that only an artist knows – that the painting is finished.  Have I succeeded in what I set out to do?  It is my constant and continuous objective. I leave up to you to decide whether I am dada, surrealistic, modern, cubist, expressionistic or simply contemporary. You decide!

Previous Exhibitions & Events

1998 – Cockle Shell Gallery, Duncannon

Joint exhibition with Louis le Brocquy

1998 – Wexford Arts Centre

1998 – The Masterpiece Gallery, Wexford

1999 – Wexford Arts Centre

1999 – Kilkenny Arts Festival

2000 – City Hall, Kilkenny

2002 – Áras an Uachtaráin

Presentation Irish President Mary McAleese’s portrait at Áras an Uachtaráin

2002 – Young Artist Studio, Kilkenny

2003 – Butler Court, Kilkenny

2003 – Art Ireland RDS, Dublin

2004 – Butler Court, Kilkenny

2004 – Art Ireland RDS, Dublin

2005 – The Twelve, Kilkenny

2005 – Cornwall Market, Wexford

2006 – The Gallery, Listowel

2006 – The Twelve, Kilkenny

2007 – Kenealy’s Gallery, Kilkenny

2008 – Kenealy’s Gallery, Kilkenny

2009 – Bad Art Gallery, Dublin

2009 – William Gallery, Kilkenny

2010 – Kenealy’s Gallery, Kilkenny

2010 – Bad Art Gallery, Dublin

2010 – Art Fair RDS, Dublin

2010 – The BoatHouse Gallery, Kinsale

2011 – Kenealy’s Gallery, Kilkenny

2012 – The Wall, Kilkenny

2012 to Present – Art It, Kilkenny